Hearts away

Hearts away is a game for couples.

Discover the passion, the fun and how daring your partner is with 100 different tasks to do together.

Complete a task to earn points.

Skip a task and you lose points.

Get as many points as you can!

Not much to say.

Have fun with your partner.

Download here

Blink Blink Blink

How often do you blink?

Do you forget to drink water?

Do you get numb while working on the computer?

This app will remind you to perform simple yet important tasks, such as:

- Blink

- Drink water

- Move / Stretch

- Smile

- Love

- Breathe

- Study

Download here

My Big Clock

This application may seem a bit useless at first glance, but it is not.

My big clock allows you to display the time in a huge format, very suitable for the elderly or visually impaired. While it works great for seniors, you can also use the app as part of your office decor, include it in the backdrop of a modern photo shoot or even put it on your living room table when you have visitors.

It is very easy to use and does not require login, subscriptions or any bureaucratic process to start. Just open the app and that's it.

Not only that, the user can change the font, decide whether it is bold or italic (if applicable in the font) and even the color.

Additionally, in portrait mode, the application will show the device's battery percentage and the current date.

Download here